4 New Wearable Technology That You Should Look Out For

Have you noticed the growing trend of new wearable technology as of late? Companies left and right are releasing all sorts of wearable techs such as health monitors, fitness bands, smartwatches, activity trackers and more. These gadget releases are all part of the emerging movement of wearable technology which aims to completely change the way we communicate and exercise. While the technology is still pretty much on its infancy, the potential that wearable techs hold is simply endless. Today, we gathered some of the best wearable techs for 2014. Gadget aficionados and tech enthusiasts rejoice!

Pebble Steel

When talking about smartwatches, many people would inadvertently associate them with geeks. With the Pebble Steel, it proves that high-tech timepieces aren’t just for geeks. Sporting an elegant stainless steel design, this $249 device is one of the most notable smartwatches available. To keep scratches at bay, the Pebble Steel is outfitted with Gorilla Glass screen. Its ecosystem is fast developing and is even slated to launch its own app store.

Meta Pro

Google Glass was considered revolutionary because it was able to bring notifications straight to the face of the user. However, Meta Pro ups the ante by providing a full-blown augmented reality that enables the user to interact with his environment in a whole new different way. You can easily draw a 3D model by manipulating the on-screen overlay within the Meta Pro. It packs quite a bit of power as well with its Intel Core i5 processor. Look for it this coming June.

Optinvent ORA

It would be unreasonable to expect that Google Glass will go through the year unchallenged. The Optinvent ORA is one of the most promising competitors to Google Glass. This particular wearable tech offers almost the same functionality as Glass but only with a far more superior display. The screen is simply sharper, larger and sharper. The projected images are displayed straight into the user’s field of view which can’t be said about Glass. The developer kit is also a lot cheaper at $950.

Jaybird Reign

You can’t talk about new wearable technology without touching on fitness bands. The Jaybird Reign begs to differ from other fitness bands because it doesn’t only tell you about the exercise, it tells you when to exercise. This fitness band monitors you through a heart rate sensor and can suggest the most optimal time to do a workout. On top of that, it can also track your sleeping habits.

Noticing Small Victories, and Knowing How and When to Celebrate Them

Small victories are highly essential in order to drive success. Certainly we all enjoy having that massive, earth-shattering success, that triumph of a large proposal over your dozen other competitors or that recognition award that places you right smack in the “elite” class within the industry. However, in most cases, it is that little contract win, that glowing client recommendation or that brand-new client account that aids the growth of your company. Even managing to clear out your inbox of thousands of emails counts as a small victory.

However it’s not merely understanding the significance of small victories; celebrating them is just as equally important. All major successes are built with small successes, so why not celebrate it?

Top reasons to celebrate small victories:

• It will make you really happy – small victories mean progress, and progress feels good. You do not need to wait for “someday” in order to feel happiness.
• It motivates you – celebrating small victories will lift your spirits and provide you with the boost to keep going. It is essentially reminding you that you are successful and on the right path.
• It builds your confidence – celebrating small victories is like putting funds on your confidence bank. Funds that are needed so you can overcome upcoming challenges.

Favorite ways to celebrate small victories:

• Give yourself an “off day” where you take a break from work and relax
• Have lunch / dinner at your favorite restaurant along with your good friends
• Do something nice (preferably random) for someone
• Go nature tripping and hike in the woods
• Bake your favorite pastry and share it with friends / co-workers
• Go see an inspirational movie
• Go on a weekend road trip
• Share a bottle of champagne with your significant other
• Buy an album of your favorite artist (that you don’t own yet)

Men and women, no matter, whom or where, love to be acknowledged for their hard work. Celebrating small victories achieves just that, only you are doing it to yourself. Make your victories special and they will become more memorable.

Car Lover By Ali Mayar: Trendiest Car Models To Date

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Car lovers don’t settle for anything less when it comes to the condition and image of the wheels they possess. Like most of the fashion trends and gadget fads that everyone would want to keep updated on, car lovers also feel the need to get ahead of the trend by checking out reliable news articles and posts about the latest updates in the car industry. And when it comes to deciding what’s hot and what’s not, car lovers would be delighted to know the newest car models introduced in the market to grab the chance to see the features firsthand.

Successful entrepreneurs like Ali Mayar know for a fact that being on trend with the latest car fashion is a must if one wishes to establish a reliable image in the business world. If you are on your way to emerging as an acknowledged businessman, you can start embracing the hobby of a car lover by Ali Mayar through his car tips and advice. For instance, you can set your car addiction on top of the meters by following this roster of the top-rated new car models for 2014.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

You can click the pic of the Stingray below to head over to Ali Mayar’s pintrest page with awesome pins on dream cars and other awesome stuff!

Taking the limelight is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with its sleeker body and improved engine performance. This model is strikingly fast and powerful, with the capacity to switch speed from 0 to 60mph within a matter of 3.8 seconds. The secret to this advanced feature relies on a 6.2 liter, V8 engine that sets the car at its optimum by a 450-horsepower, 450-torque range. If the engine performance does not astound you well enough, you can check out its cutting-edge chassis control system that speaks flexibility in driving. It gives a lot of maneuverability options fit for 5 different types of terrains while keeping efficient on fuel consumption. This model represents the new take on the ideal sports car loved by Americans.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

As if comfort and luxury weren’t conspicuous enough on average card models in the market, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class tops the chart with its elegance and superb first-class features not present in mainstream car models. This redesigned S-Class Sedan model highlights the top-of-the-line features such as twin-turbo engine and chassis control system that gives a lot of driving options for car owners. There’s an autopilot maneuver and path prediction mode that allow drivers to safely travel on the road, free from any impediment.

Here are some other cool cars for 2014!

Five Amazing New Cars for 2014 shared by Ali Mayar from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

Becoming a car lover by Ali Mayar’s tips and pointers is easy, as long as you have the financial freedom, passion and interest within you.

Some Helpful Tips to Start Your Own Business!

Hey guys! A lot of people ask me how I have been able to succeed in my business ventures throughout the years. It takes a lot of hard work and motivation. You cannot EVER get discouraged because that is when you begin to fail. The hardest part of this however is getting started. I found a video I wanted to share with you all on great tips on starting a successful business. I hope you all enjoy!

How to Successfully Start a Small Business from Platinum Rapid Funding on Vimeo.

Dominate The Business World with Ali Mayar’s Marketing Ideas

There are no shortcuts to success. For certain, most business tycoons and trading giants that you look up to today have had their fair share of sacrifices and struggles before finally climbing to the top of their industry. Aside from the common high start-up costs, there will always be those as opportunistic as you who will drive the competition mad, not to mention the challenge of choosing the target market and the crucial task of pricing your products to meet customer expectations. These aspects make deciding to go on a business venture a risky move that should be carefully thought about and planned beforehand to make sure that your visions come to fruition. You surely would not want to end up losing all of your energy and resources for nothing.

The Wonders of Marketing

If you want to go on a smooth sailing venture, then boosting your business’ image through ideal marketing strategies would get you steps ahead of the game. Marketing spices up a business in several ways that include promotion of product features, boosting entity image, and establishing good trade relationships. If the marketing strategy turns out to be successful and effective, you will be surprised by how much your sales rate would increase, your market share would grow and trading network would grow.

Entrust Your Business to the Right People

A team full of potential players would still fall and lose without an experienced coach to guide it. Such too, is the nature of every business and choosing the right marketing manager would be crucial to its fate. If you are looking for a professional and seasoned marketing adviser, then turning to Ali Mayar’s marketing tips would be a great decision to make. Ali Mayar is a business entrepreneur himself, which implies his experience and knowledge in the business world and when it comes to building trading connections, you are certainly in good hands with his assistance. Ali Mayar’s marketing tips are created to meet common problems and issues that the business industry is currently facing today. Moreover, Ali Mayar’s marketing ideas are fashioned flexibly to make them applicable for a variety of business cases and scenarios. Ali Mayar knows the complexity of the game in business and has established several proven and tested approaches in solving critical marketing issues.

The Right Time Has Come

As an entrepreneur yourself, you know how valuable time is in the business world. Every opportunity should be seized at the shortest possible time and the same is true in requiring the aid of a professional marketing adviser. Ali Mayar’s marketing tips are a game changer, and by calling for his assistance, you will be climbing your way to the top of the industry before you even know it.

Find the Perfect Car for You – Car Reviews by Ali Mayar

Introducing the Car Mania

Who doesn’t love cars? Like the clothes we wear, cars can become an outlet to express our fashion sense. We see them come and go like the most trends we have, and every now and then there will always be a new one introduced into the market. With so many brands and models to choose from, you just can’t seem to get enough of these trail blazing vehicles. With factors such as engine type, design, features and tinting, one who decides to buy a new car would have to undergo a painstaking job of finding the perfect model to match his personality and budget. Since owning a car requires a substantial amount of money, you just can’t afford to make mistakes in the purchasing process only to end up regretting your own decision.

Narrowing Down the Option

If you are facing the dilemma of what type and brand of car to choose from among so many types available in the market, then considering some factors will help break the job down to a simpler and easier one. One important aspect that you need to consider when choosing a car is the number of passengers or the volume of the cargo or load that you would regularly carry. This would be crucial in determining the size of the car that would fit for your needs. The lower the number of passengers, the smaller the car size should be. When it comes to the type of car engine, factors such as performance, maintenance and fuel consumption should be carefully assessed to determine the best there is. Equally important to think about are the safety features such as seatbelts, air bags, and Antilock Brake System (ABS). There’s no use for a car that’s expensively bought if it cannot protect the driver and passengers at all from any possible injury harm or accident.

Car Reviews Could Be the Solution

If you have put these areas of concern into the table but you still end up lost in front of the overwhelming number of different cars in the market, then requiring the aid of a professional might just be the solution to your problem. Information such as car reviews by Ali Mayar will guide you in your purchasing judgment by giving you a comprehensive and logical assessment of several car brands and models that you take a liking on. Factors such as budget and personality will not be neglected in the decision-making process. Ali Mayar is a car enthusiast and has developed a broad knowledge about cars and car accessories that is why it is safe to say that car reviews by Ali Mayar are a product of experience and expertise in the car industry. Car reviews by Ali Mayar will see to it that you come up with a decision that you will never regret by efficiently looking for the car brand and model that will come closest to most of your needs and expectations for a car.


Greatest Time Management Hints for Active Entrepreneurs

Managing a small company can be a juggling act. Entrepreneurs need to make important decisions in regards to the company’s direction, without ignoring the more banal responsibilities of keeping on top of emails and accounts.
Time management is, thus, critical to ensure no part of the business, big or small, is dismissed explains Ali Mayar. We discussed to experts and little business owners to discover how entrepreneurs could make the best use of the operating hours in the day.
He began the organization after being made redundant from a previous job in finance, just two days before his spouse gave birth to twins. The couple already had a three-year old, so time management was critical as he attempted to juggle the demands at home with establishing a company from scratch. Like most time poor entrepreneurs, he discovered the perfect place to begin was by prioritizing tasks in a list.

It might seem as a no-brainer, but attentively planning your week using a diary or calendar will ensure you don’t lose anything significant in your list. It can also help prevent wasting valuable time and ensure you maintain a healthier work-lifestyle balance.
As a result of innovation in net and cellular technology, entrepreneurs on the move can keep together with work, whether they’re travelling overseas or working from home. Ali Mayarsays mobile programs have helped him manage home life with running a business.
If done right, outsourcing can save your business valuable time plus cash. As a startup or new business, you may not possess enough time or assets in house to provide for several essential aspects of the business. But, choose carefully which services you out-source.
It’s much simpler to handle your personal time when you have a group around you that you trust and who comprehend the company. In order to take some of the stress off yourself, you must learn the best way to make the terrific usage of your employees.
The ideal situation is to have your team work on jobs including serving clients, business promotion or handling accounts, so that you can spend your time and effort focusing on the core business of developing customers and markets, reviewing finances and improving strategies.

Effective Advertising Tricks for a Small Business

The best way to promote effectively is one of the largest challenges faced by small enterprises and entrepreneurs today. There are several marketing techniques that can be used, and deciding on the best strategy for your organization is not simple. Small businesses also have restricted budget to work with on advertising that makes it even more demanding.
A good marketing strategy is a very invaluable tool for virtually any business. In order for your business to be successful, it’s vital for folks know about your business name as well as the products and services you offer. This is where a great online advertising strategy can help.
An alluring website can make your business appear professional. But the actual gains will be based on functionality and capability to acquire customers for your business. If your site is dated, look at a redesign as Ali Mayar has done.
If you cannot manage web design, you’re able to take advantage of other affordable website services to get your business on the internet quickly and cost effectively. Many provide ready made site templates with lead-generation features, free symbol, webhosting and set-up.
Blogging is a wonderful promotion tool for businesses. It takes time to create your blog but the results are worth the endeavor. To get most out of your blog, you’ll need to set aside some time every week to write quality content. The advantages of a blog boost manifold as you boost your posting frequency. Studies reveal that businesses that blog frequently are more than two times as likely to generate leads via their web site as companies that don’t. In addition, it establishes trust in your organization. Most companies are aware of the advantages of e-mail marketing. Nevertheless, many small enterprises neglect to leverage their website or blog to create their email list. This is better done in the start. An easy email sign-up form in your site can generate great results. Giving users an inducement to sign-up to your list is also quite important. This can be anything from a newssheet to a freebie like an eBook reader or Whitepaper that is useful to your audience.
Ali Mayar recommends media releases, they’re simple to produce and will be promotional in nature. The editorial guidelines are straightforward and it’s also easy to get your releases accepted on leading press release distribution sites. It is an extremely easy way to promote your organization and increase your on-line visibility. For the best results, contact local media including papers and magazines to see whether they will print your press statement. You may be surprised with the result.

Ali Mayar Shares Tricks to Begin a Company and Keep It Successful

Starting a company is a big step, so it’s acceptable that you would need to make sure you have the right business model set up before you begin. Ali Mayar says to get out in the field and perfect the program while you learn more about the industry you’re going into.
For a good example, you may see the cost to manufacture solar panels was dropping fast enough to help it become a viable alternative to energy from a utility. Yet individuals were investing upstream in the hardware. No one was thinking about installation, which looked to us like the larger and less uncertain market.
It does not exactly sound right for companies to invest their particular earnings to obtain a program, so some have made a decision to sell solar as a service. Others would put up money to install the system to the roof top and then enter into a long-term contract with all the consumers to recoup prices and earn a gain.
What was realized was the time to come was really in residential rooftop solar. In the time it was easier to sell big systems to commercial and agricultural clients, but early experiences persuaded some that it would be challenging to build a company that way. Plus there was a slew of organizations getting financed to attack that market. Everyone was informed that it would not be possible to scale the residential market – the prices per system were overly high and also the organizations that provided financing for solar installments were employed to underwriting big jobs. When the industry pros insisted it could be impossible, there was a select few that wouldn’t alter their opinion.
For a residential company, achieving distribution and assembling a powerful brand can cause big obstacles to entry. So these two issues became the emphasis of a business plan.
By concentrating on residential customers they considered collaring distribution, establishing a robust brand, and investing in a technology platform to streamline costs would create huge barriers to entry. They understood once you got the device up and working it’d scale more rapid than one off bidding on big solar endeavors. So that became the emphasis of the business model.
It took them the whole first year to figure this all out, though, since they began with a concept and did not overlook it. That is an excellent tactic but creates an in-depth business plan and do your research. Ali Mayar explains how some businesses fluctuate with their particulars, whether often or not so be sure that you are advised about the latest upgrades and also make changes appropriately.